Wilhelmshafen, Tankterminal

2 DN65 Foammaster Proportioning Systems providing the complete tankterminal.

Antwerp, Chemical Storage Plant

After the existing fire extinguishing installation was refilled with new non Newtonian foam concentrate, the mechanical proportioner didn't function anymore. Refitting with a Foammaster Bladdertank Refit solved the problem. The existing equipment will be in safe operation for many years to come.

Belgium, Ertvelde

The first of our new generation Foammaster Bladdertank Refit. Now our enhanced electronics secure 100% reliability and accuracy for good old fashion bladdertank devices. Increasing safety by reducing your total cost of ownership.

Antwerp, Tankterminal

Seven Foammasters installed on local Manifolds fed by a central Foampumpsystem Standard Foammasters DN25 up to DN50 Ranges from 2.000 up to 22.000 ltr / min

Rotterdam, Hellbeater

Mobile foamsystem upon 60.000 ltr / min Various types of foam concentrate Special Foammaster DN80 with D-drive

Rotterdam, Plant One

Sprinkler system 500 – 6.000 ltr / min Non-Newtonian Thixotropic foam concentrate Standard Foammaster DN25 with E-drive

Eindhoven, Van den Anker

Sprinkler system Double Foammaster DN20 – DN40 with E-drive

Rotterdam, De Rijke Logistics

One central mounted Foammaster supplies eight different locations switched by an intelligent control center. Standard Foammaster DN40 with D-drive.

Rotterdam Harbour

All RPA vessels are equipped with a Foammaster. These are multiple Foammasters which can supply various types of foam with various proportions. Special multiple Foammaster with E-drive.

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