FOAMMASTER Non Newtonian

Environmently friendly Foam Concentrates often have Non Newtonian physical characteristics.

The Foammaster E-Foam proportioning system is fully equiped to meet the demands of mixing Non Newtonian Foam Concentrates.

Based on the principles of working it doesn't matter what the physical charasterics are.
The Foammaster E-Foam proportioning system just realtime measures the current flow of water and foam and adjusts the foamflow to the right value.

The only real challenge is to get the foam out of the tank into the pump.

Fire Fighting Systems has a 100% track record on designing, installing and commissioning Non Newtonian Foam Systems in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
When delivering a Foammaster E-Foam Proportioning system (wiht or without pump) for using Non Newtonian Foam Concentrate, we allways take full responsiblity by specificating the whole Foam System from the Foam Tank upon the Foam Injection Point.

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