The Foammaster is 100% failsafe by means of self diagnostics.

The Foammaster Control Centre (FCC) using two CPU's guarding each and another.
When one of the CPU's seems to have a failure, the other one will first attempt to restart the other.
When this does not succeed, the Foammaster will give an error warning to the Fire Control Room.
At this point the Foammaster is still functioning well on one CPU.

The Electro Magnetig Flowmeters are continously cheched by the Foammaster Control Centre.
When any malfunctioning is detected, an error warning will be given to the Fire Control Room.

The servo driven control valve is tested every 24 hours on fully operation.
To prevent the system of mixing water and foam the system can be equiped with pressures sensors to detect any pressure in foamline or waterline before the selftest of the controlvalve is executed,

The Foammaster is equiped with a battery backup to ensure operation for 72 hours in standby mode and 45 minutes in operating mode in case of a power supply failure. Of course a waring is send to the Fire Control Room in this case.

The software used by the Foammaster is based on failsafe principles common in automotive industries which you use every day.

This all means that you can always fully depend on the correct functioning of your Foammaster Proportioning System just by watching the display in you Fire Control Room.

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