Unique Features

How it works

The FOAMMASTER combines advanced flow measurement technology, modern electronics, clever system design and sound engineering in a product that is unique in the world and the best value for money if you are looking for a foam proportioning system for industrial applications.

ANPI Certified NTN 176

The Foammaster is ANPI Certified according to NTN 176 meeting the demands of Industry. It now can be easily commissioned according to Belgium regulations. It has a very high performances, is failsafe, environmently friendly, sustainable and has low costs for commissioning and maintenance. Offering real value for money for its owner.


The Foammaster is 100% failsafe by means of self diagnostics.

Non Newtonian

Environmently friendly Foam Concentrates often have Non Newtonian physical characteristics.

Regular testing without using Foam Concentrate

Regular testing is allowed without mixing Foam Concentrate. Therefore the Foammaster provides real value for money for its customer.

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