FOAMMASTER How it works

The FOAMMASTER combines advanced flow measurement technology, modern electronics, clever system design and sound engineering in a product that is unique in the world and the best value for money if you are looking for a foam proportioning system for industrial applications.

                                                   Electromagnetic Flow Meters (EMF)

The secret of the Foammaster: before water and foam are mixed, water flow and foam concentrate flow are measured with great precision by Electromagnetic Flow Meters.

                                                   Foammaster Control Centre (FCC)

The flexibility, ease of use and accuracy offered by the Foammaster Control Centre's digital hard and software far exceed the traditional mechanical methods of flow control.

                                                   Electromagnetic Control Valve (ECV)

Commanded by the FCC, the highly accurate and stable Electromagnetic Control Valve controls how much of the foam concentrate is fed back into the tank. This way it effectively controls the foam concentrate flow injected in the water.


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